June, 2016

Hello Threshing Table Farm members!
Just a quick note to say Happy June! We are so excited to get those first veggies out to you and we know you are too!  Things aren’t ready yet- so thank you for your patience! We’ve been very busy planting, weeding and more weeding!  The fields are starting to fill up- Beans, beets, lettuce, cabbage, swiss chard, kale, spinach, green onions, regular onions, leeks, and more recently tomatoes- are all in! (Plus more I’m forgetting- like the first two plantings of sweet corn!)  The greenhouse is still packed and we’re continuing to plant in there as well.
The weeding continues to take up much of our time- today we’ll be weeding the peas! (Did I mention the peas?) We also have lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet potatoes in our hoophouse. The sweet potatoes are on trial to see how they will do in our new hoophouse. Remember the chance to vote for new veggies this spring? The Berkley tie-dye tomato plants were transplanted in last night! Soon the Autumn Crown pumpkins will come out of the greenhouse too.
We’re battling flea beetles on our broccoli and chineese cabbage. Those buggers are quite industrious and plentiful. The potato plants are just starting to emerge and already we are seeing potato bugs and their eggs. They too are very excited for the new plants to emerge.  We’re keeping an eye on the potato bug population for now and we’re keeping the cabbage covered with white row cover that allows the sun and rain through- but hopefully not the flea beetles. The broccoli can usually take a pretty good munch by the beetles and still thrive. In a few weeks, the flea beetle “season” will be behind us, so we’re charging forward with optimism. 🙂
We’re not sure if enough things will be ready to go in two weeks (June 16th) or if we’ll hold delivery off until the 23rd.  We’ll keep you posted when we make the decision. Timing is everything.  Though the first box or two is usually a little lighter, we hope to make sure you have some variety, so we’re waiting on several things to ripen at once.
Happy Summer Vacation and graduation for all those moving through the school seasons.  The kids are all home for the first day of summer vacation today and we’re happy to have them home again. They are good helpers and even better comic relief. And once the peas and carrots are ripe, I hear a lot less of “Mom, we don’t have anything good to eat!”
Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be back in touch soon!
Jody and Mike Lenz