About CSA

Threshing Table Farm is a CSA farm that brings fresh, all – natural produce to our members each week for 18 weeks-during the months of June thru October. 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

Our members are our community. We think that the connection between us as farmers and you our members, is critical to the CSA experience.  We love having visitors out to the farm. We hope you will walk through the fields, watch the pigs play and feed the chickens.  We encourage on-farm pick-up as a way of strengthening the connection to us, the farm and other members. Knowing that this isn’t possible for everyone, we offer pick up sites in:

* New Richmond
* Somerset
* Hudson
* Stillwater
* Maplewood
*On the farm

 We offer a potluck/pack shed party each August which gives everyone a chance to share favorite recipes and visit with farmers and members. We also offer the occasional bean picking day or potato harvest.  We do not require any work from our members, but we love having volunteers!

As your farmer we will do our very best to grow a wide variety of vegetables and fill your share box each week.  You agree to support us in this endeavor- through your financial support, supportive words and staying connected to us by reading the newsletter or contacting us as needed.  We also agree to share the risk of farming. We’ll be out there in the wind, rain and heat, doing our best. But sometimes, a crop doesn’t do well. Maybe the cucumbers will struggle this year, but maybe the tomatoes will be out of this world. It’s always an adventure!

We believe that growing all naturally is better for our bodies and our soil. We use soil friendly practices such as crop rotation, cover cropping, mulching and composting. We only use organic fertilizers, and we never use herbicides. We spend a lot of time weeding and keeping the soil healthy to reduce weed growth. We rarely need to spray for pests, but when we do, this too is a product that is safe for us as farmers, has as little impact as possible on the biodiversity of our fields, and is always used in a way that is safe for consumers. Our own kids eat right out of the garden, and we want you to enjoy the flavor, nutrition and safety that our own family enjoys. 

We offer whole shares and ½ shares. Each week there will be a newsletter with news from the farm, recipes and tips for storage or cooking. We also offer the opportunity to purchase farm fresh eggs, grass-fed beef, pasture raised chickens, maple syrup and local fruit.