What You Get

Our season runs approximately 18 weeks. June – October.

Share Prices:

Full share  $580  (3/4 bushel box each week)

½ share    $340      (3/4 bushel box every other week)

**We also offer a work share where you can work on the farm in exchange for your share. If you are interested, please let us know and we can talk about it.  It could be the right fit for you!

Our members also have the opportunity to purchase Grass-fed beef, organic, pasture raised chickens, maple syrup,  mushrooms, pasture raised pork and more…

Lots more!!  You also get the opportunity to be connected to your food! You get to know your farmers and the farm through our weekly newsletter and visits you make to the farm. Though not required, you can walk where your food is grown or help weed and harvest veggies. Your financial contribution helps to keep our family farming. It keeps another small farm on the land, ensuring that the soil, wildlife habitat and water is being cared for in a way that improves it for generations to come. You also enjoy the benefits of eating food that is really fresh, nutritionally dense, grown without chemicals and delicious!

Plus… you get to live on the wild side. Let mother nature be in charge for a little while.  Will we get enough rain? Will spring come early this year? Late? How does that affect the crops? Will the cucumber beetle wreak havoc on the cucumbers, or will we see a year with fewer potato bugs?  Could there be (dare I say it…) hail?  This risk, you take on with us. We do our best to water, weed, improve our soil as nature intended, and all the things that we as farmers do, but in the end, Mother Nature will have the last word. Luckily, because we plant so many different crops, we have never lost more than a planting or two of just a few items.  We hope to keep it that way!

Welcome to the Threshing Table Farm community! We’re glad you are here!